Frequently asked questions about the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers' Companion add-on

Will I get banned for using GW2RPC?

No. One of the core requirements of GW2RPC is to not interfere with Guild Wars' runtime memory. All data that GW2RPC gets from the game are either via the official GW2 API or the official GW2 Mumble Link. GW2RPC does not violate ArenaNet's Terms of Service.

What are the system requirements for GW2RPC?

GW2RPC currently supports and is tested on Windows 10, Debian Buster and Ubuntu 20.04 and later. The hardware requirements are the same as for Guild Wars 2 itself. So if you can run Guild Wars 2, you can run GW2RPC. It is sadly not possible to support Windows 7 since it reached end of life in January 2020. MacOS systems are currently neither tested nor is it planned to include support for these systems.

Note: linux users must compile their own runtime, an instruction guide is in the works.

Where is my data stored?

First of all, GW2RPC does not pull or store data about your GuildWars2™ Account. The data that is specific to your GW2RPC account (character data, email address, api keys et cetera) are stored within a secure database on a private server. GW2RPC's backend is not hosted in the cloud.

I did not receive my registration mail, what can I do?

We are having problems sending mails to Outlook and Hotmail addresses. Please hop on to our Discord and we will get things sorted out.

My antivirus software says GW2RPC is a trojan virus, what to do?

Due to the fact that GW2RPC uses PyInstaller, which is used by some creators of malicious software, to package itself as an executable, some antivirus programs falsely detect GW2RPC as a trojan virus. The GW2RPC team can assure you that it is totally safe to use. To resolve this issue, you can disable your antivirus software or make an exception for the GW2RPC executable. If you do not wish to do that, you can download the GW2RPC source code, install Python 3.9 (or later) on your system and run it directly. This option is only recommended to users with prior experience in this field.

What technology does GW2RPC use?

The application itself is written in Python (3.9) and uses the Qt Framework to give you a nice GUI. The backend work is done by various technologies, including FLASK, waitress, MySQL and Nginx.

Am I allowed multiple GW2RPC accounts?

Yes, but the GW2RPC supports an unlimited amount of characters per account. If you have multiple Guild Wars 2 accounts, you don't need a GW2RPC account for each of them.