of the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers' Companion add-on

The following list of features that are implemented, pending or rejected do not include the GW2RPC backend, but only the add-on itself.

Is your dream feature not on any of those lists? Check out the contribute section for means to contact the development team.

Implemented features

Feature title Description
Basic overlay The add-on can stay on top of the GW2 game window
Collapse overlay The add-on can be collapsed into a small icon and can be extended again after another click on the same icon
Account management Managing global settings of a user's account inside the add-on.
Character management - general Adding characters to an user's account and being able to delete them.
Character management - appearance Setting and saving various appearance attributes for the user's characters.
Online list Accessing a list of all users who are currently running the GW2RPC.
Auto detect Using the Mumble Link to automatically detect other users of the GW2RPC on the same map as you.
Security system (?) Securing the add-on and its user from cyber-attacks where possible.
View another users characters See another user's character info by either manually searching for the user or interacting with the auto-detect feature.
Character status - active character Set the character you are currently IC for as "active".
Biography editor Managing the user's characters full biography either in the add-on or via a webinterface.
Character status Setting a status for a user's character.
Event System Creating, viewing and joining user-organized events.
Character journal A private journal for each character to take notes.

Pending features

Feature title Description Progress
Character companions Setting relationships between the user's own characters as well as other users' characters 15%
Friends list Adding other users to a friends list to track their activity and get notified when they are online. 15%
Rolls Rolling a customizable dice versus another character. 20%

Rejected features

Feature title Description Rejected by
Global chatroom(s) A simple chatroom where every GW2RPC user can chat. Community survey
BlishHUD integration Using the BlishHUD framework to build the GUI. Developer
MacOS support Support for the macintosh operating system. Rejected because ArenaNet itself pulled the plug for supporting macOS. Developer
Discord Integration Integrate Discord Channels into GW2RPC. Rejected because GW2RPC should not depend on third party software. Developer
Custom items The WARP Add-on already offers a very nice and mature item system. We at GW2RPC do not feel like competeting against WARP. Developer