about the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers' Companion add-on

The general goal of GW2RPC is to connect roleplayers across guilds, discord servers and confined groups with one another, while also easing up each roleplayer's life with functionalities that the community wants.

With features like the roleplayer lookup, players can read about the self-description of their roleplaying partner. The auto-detect feature makes use of the Guild Wars 2 Mumble Link to automatically detect other GW2RPC users near you and gives you infos like their roleplaying preferences or in-character status about them.
There is also an event system that allows users to easily set up and host events all over Tyria. Event hosts can decide if they make their events available to the public, or stick with a "invite only" policy.

New features always get added to the list of requested features by the community, so chances are high your feature might be already on the list. Still have questions about GW2RPC? Check out the F.A.Q.